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Not just find you a condo to rent,we protect your benefits throughout your rental period.

Bangkok rental condo finder


  is a FREE rental condo finder

service for expatriates looking for condos or apartments to rent in

Bangkok.We don’t only find you a rental accommodation, but also

protect your benefits as a tenant throughout your rental period.




Tenant representation :

"Our job is not only to take condo listings from landlords, find them tenants, get the contracts signed,and then finish."


As tenant’s representatives,We work on behalf of tenants..

Our job is to find you(tenants) the rental condos in Bangkok that best

suit your need within your budget. We also protect you from rental

scams and help you solving rental problems and disputes during your





What we do for you :


Whether you are looking for a studio, 1-2 bedroom, 3-4 bedroom condominiums, apartments or flats for rent in Bangkok, from budget rooms to luxury penthouses, can find you the right one that suit your need and budget.

What we do foryou :

Before signing condo rental contract
After signing condo rental contract
At the end of the rental period





Before signing condo rental contract


condo searching  :

        We don’t just search on internet for overpriced condos. we do

searching through wide range of sources ( English and Thai websites,

local ads , local property magazines , for rent signs on the streets

and listings from both owners and letting agents.)


 Property preview :

      We email you a selection of condos, apartments matching your

requirements and accompany you on a walk-through of each unit that

you would like to see.



Landlord references checking :

        The fake landlord can put you into a big trouble as well as the

landlord who is in foreclosure. So it’s very important to check

landlord’s proof of ownership ( deed, tax receipt…) and mortgage




Negotiating  :  

     We always negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.

rental contract checking :  

    We check for any obscure terms to prevent you from signing an

unfair contract.




After signing condo rental contract


Move-in-out inventory inspection :

We accompany you on a move-in date.The condition of the condo unit

and all items in it will be photographed and recorded according to the

checklist.This report will be kept as an evidence in any dispute over

damage or cleaning when it is time to get your rental security deposit



Bangkok living guide :

We provide information and resources about living in Bangkok such

as cost of living, transportation, handyman services, international

schools, relocation guide,etc.


Dealling rental problems :

 We are available to help you solve any rental problem and dispute

whether it concern repair, breach of contract, rent increases, use of

the property or return of rental security deposits.




At the end of the rental period


Rental security deposit refund :

         Our job is to protect tenants from losing their rental security

deposit unfairly to the landlord at the end of the rental contract.



Rental contract renewal :

We negotiate the renewal contract on behalf of tenant, and also

prepare the appropriate extension documents for the renewal process.




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